Waterway restoration - Florey (West Belconnen Catchment)

Florey waterway

Waterway restoration, Tattersall Crescent, Florey

The waterway restoration work has seen parts of a concrete drainage channel in Floreyreturned to a more natural creek-like state, helping to slow and clean stormwater that flows into Ginninderra Creek.

The drain carries stormwater out of the surrounding suburbs into Ginninderra Creek which, in turn, flows into the Murrumbidgee River, north-west of Belconnen in NSW.

Concrete has been removed from sections of a 550m stretch of drainage channel and replaced with rock linings, soil and plants. The channel has also been re-shaped topsoil reused on site to create the new planting beds.

The northern end of the site includes a riffle pool, designed to slow and oxygenate the water and a viewing platform, including rock seats, will be installed close to the existing playground close to tattersalls Crescent.

The project is one of three water quality infrastructure projects built downstream of Lake Ginninderra. A wetland a short walk away on the corner of Copland and Ginninderra Dr and two wetlands near Croke Place in McKellar complete the set.

Revegetating the channel will remove over 25,000 kilograms of nitrogen, phosphorous and suspended sediment every year from urban stormwater destined for Ginninderra Creek.

Design changes

During the final design phase, some changes were made to the original concept designs to accommodate services, community feedback and maximise water quality benefits.

  • Earthworks have been configured to minimise the impact on existing trees in the drainage corridor.
  • The original design included the replacement of the concrete invert near Ginninderra Drive with soft landscaping. However, it became apparent that the constant base flow would lead to erosion. As a result, a reduced-width concrete invert augmented with vegetated side swales and rock bars will be built, creating a riffle pond.
  • A 200 square metre detention basin has also been added.

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Landscape design plan

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Waterway restoration - Florey - landscape design