Biodiversity conservation

ACT NRM delivers projects that focus on the conservation of natural ecosystems at a landscape level. The projects also focus at the individual species level and the threatened ecological community level, within the ecosystems as required.

Objectives of our work include improving knowledge, engaging community and appreciation of landscape resilience and adaptation.


Protecting box gum-grassy woodland landscapes.

Rivers and wetlands

Supporting important aquatic and riparian ecosystems in the ACT.


Improving the resilience of threatened grasslands.

Biodiversity Investment plan

Priority investments for threatened species, landscape resilience, adaptation and community engagement.

Recent projects

In 2018 and 2019, under the Regional Land Partnerships Program - a component of National Landcare Program 2 - ACT NRM secured $2.9 million to deliver three projects underpinned by the Commonwealth Environmental Outcomes listed below.

These projects follow on from the successful delivery of $1.9 million of on-ground outcomes aligned with Matters of Environmental Significance within National Landcare Program 1 (2014 to 2018).

Project Outcome
Protecting and connecting endangered woodlands in the ACT The condition of EPBC Act listed Threatened Ecological Communities is improved.
Safe Haven for quolls and bettongs in the ACT The trajectory of species targeted under the Threatened Species Strategy , and other EPBC Act priority species, is improved.
Reducing the impacts of Sambar Deer in the ACT's ramsar site – Ginini Flats Wetland Complex The ecological character of Ramsar sites is maintained or improved.