To meet our energy targets to 2020, the ACT Government has established the ACT Sustainable Energy Policy the social, economic and environment challenges we face with energy production and use.

This integrated policy framework has the following four key targeted outcomes:

  • Outcome one: secure and affordable energy
  • Outcome two: smarter use of energy
  • Outcome three: cleaner energy
  • Outcome four: growth in the clean economy

The Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD) is responsible for developing and implementing a range of energy policy initiatives including:

Resources for households and businesses

Actsmart Website - this sustainability hub helps us all create a more sustainable future in Canberra and the Region. It provides free information, tools and support through programs designed to help households, schools and businesses reduce their energy, water and waste consumption. Actsmart also provides ways to save money through energy efficiency.

Operated by the Australian Energy Regulator, helps you compare offers from electricity and gas retailers in your area to determine if you’re on the best offer.

Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme – The Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme sets a Territory-wide energy savings target requiring retailers to undertake activities to improve energy efficiency. Households can take advantage of this program by contacting their electricity retailer.

Renewable Energy Programs

Solar Auction – the ACT’s 40MW Solar Auction has proved a simple and effective way of attracting large solar projects to the Territory.

Wind Auction – the ACT’s first and second Wind Auctions are supporting the development of 400MW of wind power. This is enough to supply around 50% of Canberra’s electricity needs by 2020.

Rooftop solar – while the ACT’s rooftop solar feed-in tariff scheme is now closed, EPD has an ongoing role in scheme administration and reporting.

Community Solar – the ACT Government is giving individuals the opportunity to pool their resources to fund large-scale solar projects. These projects achieve economies of scale and provide the benefits of direct ownership.

Next Generation Renewables - The ACT is targeting next generation renewable technology, including energy storage systems, to reduce emissions and make Canberra an internationally recognised centre for renewable energy innovation. This is being supported by an auction for 200 MW of renewable energy feed-in tariff capacity.


Electricity and Natural Gas Consumption Trends in the Australian Capital Territory (2015) – This ACT Government report analyses the impact that seasonal factors have on the Territory’s energy consumption. It demonstrates that recent reductions in the amount of electricity used in the ACT has been achieved by changes in consumer behaviour and improved building and appliance energy efficiency, not weather conditions.

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