Upcoming Prescribed Burns

Prescribed burns

The ACT Parks and Conservation Service conducts a number of prescribed burns throughout the year to prepare for the upcoming fire season.

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About prescribed burns, view Bushfire Operations Plans for the ACT or see frequently asked questions.

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For updates on prescribed burns follow Parks on Twitter @ACT_Parks, like us on Facebook @ACTParks phone Access Canberra on 13 22 81, subscribe to receive email updates or subscribe to the RSS Feed.

Asthma and Bushfire Smoke

To find out more on how to stay safe and well if there is bushfire smoke in your area visit asthmaaustralia.org.au.

Current activities

Last updated: Monday 23 April 2018

  • The Pinnacle (FB370), Pine Island (FB128) and Point Hut (FB716)  burns have been completed last week and closed since no smoke was sighted for the previous 48 hours.
  • Mt Rogers (FB187) and Hume (FB702) burns were implemented Saturday 21 April and are currently at patrol status.
  • Radford (FB365) burn was completed Friday 20 April and is currently at patrol status.
  • The following prescribed burns have been planned and will be implemented within the fortnight if suitable weather and fuel moisture conditions continue: Barry Dr/ Little Black Mtn (FB014/FB601), Black Mtn Tower (FB016), Smokers (FB072), Devils Gap/ Wallaby Rocks (FB292/ FB732), and Tango Spur (FB628).
  • For detailed information of all burns, please check the interactive map below by clicking on a specific burn area.
  • Follow ACT Parks on Twitter and Facebook to learn about Parks activities and upcoming burns (real-time updates provided on Twitter during burns, when operationally feasible).

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Spring 2017, Autumn 2018 (for example)

Prescribed burn likely to be implemented during this period of time.

Likely symbol


Prescribed burn is being planned for the next fortnight, if suitable (weather and fuel moisture) conditions exist.

Prescribed Burn Completed Symbol

Scheduled Prescribed burn is scheduled to commence tomorrow, if suitable conditions exist.

Scheduled Symbol

In progress

Prescribed burn has commenced. Crews are lighting the burn, flames and smoke may be visible.

In Progress symbol


Flames and smoke may be visible. Crews will patrol and monitor burn until no smoke is visible for at least 24 hours.



Prescribed burn has been completed: Patrols have ceased; No smoke or flames have been seen for a minimum of 24 hours.