Species management and conservation plans

Under the Nature Conservation Act 2014, the Conservator of Flora and Fauna can prepare a Native Species Conservation Plan for a native species that has special protection status or any other species the Conservator deems appropriate. Also under the Act, the Conservator may also prepare a Controlled Native Species Plan for a species that has been declared by the Minister to be a controlled native species.

Murray Cod

The Native Species Conservation Plan for the Murray Cod (Maccullochella peelii) provides for the protection and appropriate management of the Murray Cod through management objectives and actions intended to maintain the sustainable recreational fishing of Murray Cod and conserve wild populations in the ACT. The plan was released by the Conservator for Flora and Fauna in November 2017.

Murray Cod: Native Species Conservation Plan

Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Following the declaration of the Eastern Grey Kangaroo as a controlled native species, in May 2017 the Conservator for Flora and Fauna prepared a controlled native species management plan for the Eastern Grey Kangaroo.

Eastern Grey Kangaroo: Controlled Native Species Management Plan