Strategic Investment Framework

The priorities in the Investment Plan align with national, regional and local level policy and planning frameworks. Given that the ACT Natural Resource Management (ACT NRM) Regional Body plays a strong role in delivering Commonwealth NRM investment, there is a strong focus on objectives that deliver Commonwealth priorities in the ACT, for example threatened species, drought, biosecurity and closing the gap.

National policies guiding ACT NRM

ACT NRM Investment Plan theme

National legislation and policies guiding ACT NRM

National priorities

Associated ACT legislation and policies guiding ACT NRM Investment Plan

  • Ecosystem services
  • Environmental restoration and rehabilitation
  • Threatened species
  • Community engagement and participation
  • Strengthening approach to climate change adaptation
Sustainable Agriculture
  • Farming smarter
  • Tools for farmers to address pest animals and weeds
  • More farmers adopting practices that improve the natural resource base
  • Better approaches to drought and risk management
Aboriginal NRM
  • Increase indigenous engagement and participation in working on Country
  • Address the dsadvantage faced by Indigenous Australians in life expectancy, child mortality, education and employment
  • Healthy catchments and water bodies
  • A sustainable water supply used efficiently
  • A community that values and enjoys healthy catchments and waterways

Chart showing the national policies guiding ACT NRM and their relationship to the key themes of biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, Aboriginal NRM and water, as detailed in the table above.