Waterway restoration - Monash (Lake Tuggeranong catchment)

Creek restoration at Monash

Waterway restoration, between Corlette Crescent and Charleston Street, Monash

Two sections of the existing concrete channel between Corlette Crescent and Charleston Street that carries stormwater from the surrounding suburbs into Isabella Pond has been reshaped and revegetated.

This will slow down the water in periods of low flow allowing the vegetation to process pollutants and slow the movement of sediment into Isabella Pond.

Revegetating the channel will remove over 48,000 kilograms of nitrogen, phosphorous and suspended sediment every year.

This creek is a popular walking spot for local residents and the restoration of the creek will allow them to enjoy the space even more.

A two year macrophytes (water quality plants) establishment period has commenced.   Establishment period refers to the process by which a plant becomes established in a new habitat.

These works also complement the two new wetlands constructed in Isabella Pond.

Design changes

During the final design phase, some changes were made to the original concept designs to accommodate community feedback, make best use of the existing terrain, reduce project costs and maximise water quality outcomes.

  • The project site was relocated to avoid disturbing a stand of native trees.
  • The concrete invert will be retained and the vegetated swales widened to carry high flows and protect against erosion.

More information

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Landscape design plan

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Creek restoration landscape design - Monash