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Investment plan

This Investment Plan has been developed by ACT Natural Resource Management (ACT NRM) in partnership with the community to determine current and future investment priorities for the ACT and Region.

The purpose of the Investment Plan is to determine future investment priorities to guide the work of the Regional Body in partnership with the community, and to act as an investment prospectus to:

Investment priorities have been developed using a range of methodologies including existing data sets, best practice science, expert opinion and consultation with stakeholders.

Investment Plan overview

Introducing the themes and why they were chosen.

Strategic Investment Framework

Investment Plan themes and the alignment between National and ACT policies.

Strengthening community

Strengthened community capacity broadly underpins better biodiversity, agricultural and cultural outcomes.

Aboriginal NRM Investment Plan

Priority investments to support the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community to connect to and benefit from Country.

Biodiversity Investment Plan

Priority investments for threatened species, landscape resilience, adaptation and community engagement.

Sustainable Agriculture Investment Plan

Priority investments to support our farmers and farming systems.