Translocation of native flora and fauna in the ACT

Translocations in the ACT require approval from the Conservator of Flora and Fauna (Conservator), as outlined in the Conservator Guidelines for the Translocation of Native Flora and Fauna in the ACT (guidelines). These guidelines are a notifiable instrument, and are available on the ACT Legislation Register. You can obtain approval by developing a translocation proposal and submitting it to the Conservator.

Developing a proposal

The translocation guidelines set out the circumstances under which Conservator approval is needed. They set out 16 principles that you need to consider when developing your translocation program.
The proposal template and supporting information are provided as a guide to proposal development.

The approvals process

  1. Develop and submit a translocation proposal
    1. Read the guidelines.
    2. Develop a translocation proposal in accordance with the principles set out in the guidelines to the best ability. Use the template and supporting information.
    3. If required, complete an application for a Nature Conservation Licence.
    4. ubmit the proposal and licence application to If there is any urgency around timing, please indicate reasons for this in your email. Otherwise, the proposal will generally be reviewed within 15 working days. This may take longer if more information is required.
  2. Conservator approval—the Conservator will review the proposal, and either accept the proposal (with or without conditions), or reject the proposal.
  3. Licence approval—once approved, the Conservator will forward the licence application to the Licensing and Compliance team, who will have another 28 days to review the application.
  4. Other approvals—you are responsible for ensuring you have met the requirements for other licences, permits and approvals (e.g. animal ethics committee approval, fish import permit, etc).