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Access free resources and advice, as well as information about grants and rebates.

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ACT Climate Change Strategy

Our pathway to a resilient, net zero emissions city.

Zero Emissions Vehicles

The ACT's plan for encouraging the shift to electric and hydrogen cars.

Transitioning from gas to electric

Find out how we are supporting the transition off gas by 2045.

Programs and rebates

Take advantage of rebates and subsidies, free and practical advice, self-help webtools, DIY home energy kits, and more.

Be part of the solution

How you can reduce emissions and take action on climate change.

Adapting to climate change

How we can prepare for climate change impacts to make sure our city remains a great place to live.

Zero Emissions Government

The ACT Government will lead by example to reduce emissions in its operations to zero by 2040.

Change up your commute

Walk, catch a bus, ride a bike or electric scooter.

Measuring ACT Emissions

Tracking our annual greenhouse gas emissions.