Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate - Environment

Heritage amendments

19 Aug 2019

The Government is introducing a more flexible and responsive system to improve the safe custodianship of our heritage for current and future generations.

We are strengthening the way damage to heritage places and objects can be dealt with to both deter people from doing damage and to make them responsible for repairing it. Visit the Damage to heritage places and objects page for more information.

Health and Wellbeing Outcomes from the EEIS

15 Aug 2019

The ACT government has published a new mini-report on Health and wellbeing outcomes from the Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme (PDF 0.3 MB). The report contains highlights from an annual survey of scheme participants that found 49% of participants with heating upgrades had substantial improvements to physical or mental health. Learn how to get involved by visiting Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme

Should we increase night-time noise levels in the city?

09 Aug 2019

Nightlife in our centres is more vibrant than ever, with restaurants, live music and other entertainment activity. We are proposing to extend daytime noise standards for the city centre (including Braddon commercial area), town and group centres further into the evening. Have your say.

Helping nightlife and live music flourish

31 Jul 2019

As apartment living becomes more common in Canberra, the ACT Government has released a suite of reforms designed to protect Canberra’s night life and live music scene.

Help shape the future of water management

30 Jul 2019

ACT and Region Catchment Management Coordination Group is looking for two applicants to help shape the future of important water catchment areas in the ACT for the next three years.

50th Anniversary: Canberra’s role in the Moon landing

19 Jul 2019

21 July 2019 AEST marks the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing and many Canberrans don’t realise the crucial role the ACT played in the Apollo mission or the region’s rich Space heritage.

Canberra’s park rangers showcase the bush capital with a week of events

14 Jun 2019

From Monday 17June to Sunday 23 June 2019, our park rangers have organised events that will allow everyone to meet a ranger and see what our parks and reserves have to offer.

This week we’re highlighting our bush capital’s natural surroundings, nature parks, plants and animals and work to conserve and protect them.

Animals shine in portraits

20 Aug 2019

Animals shine in portraits

Patience will fit the bill

13 Aug 2019

Patience will fit the bill

Marvel at that H2... oh!

06 Aug 2019

Marvel at that H2... oh!

Pedalling the bush capital

30 Jul 2019

Being born and raised in the bush capital, the foothills were my playground. Back in the late 1970s a Dragster bike was your ticket to explore.

A small step to the past

23 Jul 2019

People have always been drawn to the mountains that frame the bush capital. The original inhabitants knew these mountains well. In their ancient footsteps, cattle farmers followed. They built high mountain huts, grazed hungry stock and established rural communities. Others soon followed.

The Moon and a tiny Namadgi station

16 Jul 2019

Where once a lunar signal was received, there is no mobile phone coverage today. Instead, kangaroos graze a grassy knoll and campers gaze upon a night sky, reflecting on a moment that captivated the world’s attention. A point in time when a man strolled upon the dusty surface of the moon.

River reserve bounce back

09 Jul 2019

On the banks of an ancient river, a new community is emerging. Where once rural enterprises prospered, sheep grazed and a pine forest grew, a place for families to grow has taken roots.

Wellbeing Indicators

25 Jul 2019

Canberra is more than an economy – we are a community where we aim for everyone to share in the benefits of a good life. Have your say.