Bushfire management in the ACT

Bushfire Management in the ACT

The overall responsibility for the suppression of bushfires in the ACT lies with the ACT Emergency Services Agency (ESA), primarily with the ACT Rural Fire Service (ACT RFS). For information on the status of bushfires and emergencies in the ACT please refer to the ACT Emergency Services Agency website including the ESA Incidents Map which outlines both planned and unplanned fires as well as other emergencies in the ACT.

The video transcript (there is no sound just the captions):
  • ACT Parks and Conservation Service
  • Fire Forest Roads
  • We manage fuel on more than 75% of the ACT or 187,000 ha
  • Prescribed Burns: Up to 50 burns/ 10,000ha each year for prescribed burns
  • Fire Training: Up to 1700 staff days each year
  • Road Maintenance: We maintain 4,500km of fire trails
  • Seasonal Work Program: Up to 18 seasonal per year
  • ACT Parks Brigade: We have 6 Tankers, 7 Light Units, 2 Medium Tankers, and 1 CAFS Unit. 150 trained fire fighters
Prescribed burns

Upcoming Prescribed Burns

The ACT Parks and Conservation Service conduct a number of prescribed burns across Canberra to prepare for the fire season.

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Fuel Management

PCS implements fuel management activities to reduce fire severity, improve firefighter safety and reduce the impacts of bushfires on natural and built assets.

Total fire ban

Total Fire Ban

This page describes closures and restrictions on PCS land when the ESA declares a Total Fire ban.