Smarter use of energy

The ACT’s Sustainable Energy Policy focuses on smarter use of energy through energy efficiency of homes, buildings and appliances, behaviour change and fuel switching.

The ACT enjoys some of the lowest electricity and gas prices in Australia. The benefits of this are offset by the high levels of energy we use. Our cool winters means we use a lot of energy for heating and our hot summers a lot of energy for cooling. Still, there’s a great deal we can do to reduce energy consumption in our homes, schools and businesses without compromising on comfort and convenience.

Improving energy efficiency:

  • Helps us reduce our energy use and get more out of the energy we use
  • Provides a buffer against higher energy prices in future
  • Delays the need to invest in new and expensive infrastructure to meet higher energy demands as our population grows
  • Helps us meet our greenhouse gas reduction targets.

The ACT Government runs programs that help us improve our energy efficiency and save us money: