Sustainable Agriculture

ACT Natural Resource Management's (NRM) Sustainable Agriculture program supports the ACT’s rural community to address a range of challenges facing ACT farmers which impact on farm resilience and productivity, including invasive weeds and pest animals; soil erosion, riparian erosion, soil acidification, drought and climate change; and loss of biodiversity, particularly in fertile lowland grasslands and box gum grassy woodlands. This Program aims to support healthy ecosystems and improves productivity and farm income.

Agriculture continues to play a significant role in the ACT - the Territory's 160 farming families collectively manage 38,887 ha (15%) of the ACT, mainly for cattle and sheep grazing; horse agistment and equestrian enterprises. Other ACT agricultural enterprises include: eggs and free range eggs, chickens, alpacas and lamas, fruit and vegetables, wine, olives and truffles.

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