Zero Emissions Government

The ACT Government is committed to leading by example to showcase best practice sustainability in Government operations. The Government aims to demonstrate leadership by pursuing rapid emission reductions targets of:

These targets will be met without the purchase of carbon offsets.

By 2020-21 the Government will source all its electricity from renewable sources. However, Government operations will continue to generate emissions from natural gas used for space and water heating and from transport fuel use.

Figure: Projected ACT Government emissions in 2020
Chart showing the projected sources of Government emissions in 2020. The sources of emissions are 52 per cent from buses, 11 per cent from fleet vehicles, 13 per cent from natural gas from health, 11 per cent from natural gas from schools, and 13 per cent from other natural gas.

The Zero Emissions Government Framework coordinates a whole-of-government approach to reducing Government emissions in a cost-effective manner.

The Zero Emissions Government Fund is the key mechanism for supporting cost effective emissions reduction projects in Government operation. The Fund provides interest-free loans to Government agencies to support emissions reduction projects. Loans are repaid with the resulting energy bill savings.

Progress towards the Zero Emissions Government targets will be publicly reported each year in the Minister's Annual Report under the Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act 2010.


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