Property identification codes (PICs)

A Property Identification Code (PIC) is a unique eight-character number assigned to a property where livestock are either held or sold. A PIC defines the property spatially, forms the basis of Australia’s food safety and traceability programs, and assists in the identification of properties that may be potentially affected during an animal disease emergency.

Do I need a Property Identification Code?

You will require a PIC if you are the owner or occupier of a property where livestock are kept. This includes cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, horses, donkeys, mules, deer, camels, alpacas, llamas, 100 or more small poultry or 10 or more large poultry (emus, ostriches).

If you are unsure if you require a PIC, please contact the ACT Chief Veterinary Officer on 13 22 81.

Each property has its own PIC. However, subject to approval by the Chief Veterinary Officer, a single PIC may be used for one or more parcels of land that are adjacent and are worked as part of the one enterprise.

I already have a brand or earmark, do I need a PIC as well?

Yes. Brands and earmarks are for individual stock identification. A PIC identifies the land on which livestock reside.

Who is responsible for the PIC when the land is leased or animals are on agistment?

The owner or occupier of a property, as well as the person responsible for the animals must ensure that the property has a PIC.

If you are moving your stock to agistment or leasing a property, you should ensure there is a PIC for that property so that you can meet your NLIS and/or legal obligations.

For example:

  • if a person has cattle on agistment, the owner of the cattle must be aware of that properties PIC
  • if a person owns a horse but normally keeps that horse at another property, then the horse owner must be aware of that properties PIC
  • if animals are taken to a show, the owner of the showground and the exhibitor must both confirm that the showground has a PIC

It is an offence the under the Animal Diseases Act 2005 if a property housing animal/s identified as livestock in the ACT does not have a PIC.

How do I obtain a PIC?

To apply for a PIC in the ACT, please contact the Chief Veterinary Officer on 13 22 81

There is no fee associated with applying for a PIC in the ACT.

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