Woodlands Strategy

The 2019 ACT Native Woodland Conservation Strategy guides the protection, restoration and adaptive management of our woodlands for the next 10 years.

Building on successes of the 2004 Lowland Woodland Conservation Strategy, the 2019 Strategy identifies objectives to:

  • retain and protect native woodlands
  • reduce threats to native woodland biodiversity
  • enhance the resilience, ecosystem function and connectivity of woodlands
  • promote community participation in woodland conservation and support the sustainable use of woodlands
  • undertake effective monitoring of woodland condition and undertake research to fill knowledge gaps for conservation.

Action plans for Endangered Yellow Box Blakely’s Red Gum Grassy Woodland and five threatened species dependant on woodland in the ACT, are included in the Strategy.

Successes of the 2004 Lowland Woodland Conservation Strategy are outlined in the following publications: