Heavy Machinery

Working with heavy machinery, known to fire management staff as ‘plant management’ involves using machinery such as bulldozers to actively suppress wild fires. PCS use plant to construct strategic earth breaks and reduce fuel on the ground, such as dead wood and fallen trees, to aid the suppression of wildfires. Heavy machinery is also used to create tracks and trails which allow access to other fire resources.

PCS employs a team who manage plant on a daily basis in order to complete the various fuel management and fire trail work across the Territory. Trained PCS staff fill roles both as plant managers and supervisors during wildfire and prescribed burns.

PCS has access to rapid response equipment including two fast attack bulldozers and a grader available during the declared fire season to assist in fire suppression.

Access management, creating tracks and trails, provides safe and effective fire mitigation by providing land access networks which increase readiness, decrease response times and decrease environmental impacts as well as reducing the risk of unplanned fires.