Bushfire Operations Plan

The Bushfire Operations Plan (BOP) sets out the work and activities that the Parks and Conservation (PCS) aims to achieve each financial year to help manage bushfire risk. The Plan is a requirement of the Strategic Bushfire Management Plan. It is divided into nine sections and covers all areas of fire protection across PCS. These sections are:

  • fuel management (slashing, controlled burning, grazing, physical removal and treatment of fuel by chemicals)
  • access management (construction, upgrade and maintenance of trails)
  • infrastructure (such as helipad development and building water tanks)
  • equipment purchase
  • training
  • auditing and monitoring
  • planning and research
  • education
  • response and standby


The following are detailed maps and ecological guidelines relating to the Bushfire Operations Plan (BOP).

See the Bushfire Operation Plan maps on ACTMAPI.