ACT and Region Catchment Strategy

The ACT and Region, located within the Upper Murrumbidgee Catchment, is unique having multi-jurisdictional influences of federal, state and territory governments and local councils making it a complex catchment to manage.

The ACT and Region Catchment Strategy aims to guide and deliver priority actions for the benefit of the region as a whole. The ACT and Region Catchment Strategy: 2016-46 (the Catchment Strategy) will establish a 30-year vision, recognising that the region is the economic hub and current and future growth centre for south-east NSW. The Catchment Strategy details the key factors that are predicted to affect the catchment and includes 19 actions to promote a healthy catchment region. Key issues include climate change, an increasing population, and the challenges of multi-jurisdictional governance. The Catchment Strategy aims to bring governments, community and industry together to produce a healthy, productive, resilient and liveable catchment region.

Documents include:


The ACT and Region Catchment Strategy: 2016-46


Catchment Action Implementation Plan: 2016-21


Stakeholder Consultation Report


ACT and Region Catchment Strategy - In Brief

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