ACT Heritage Register

What is the ACT Heritage Register?

Under the Heritage Act 2004 (Heritage Act) the ACT Heritage Council is responsible for keeping a register of heritage places and objects in the ACT.

Tharwa Bridge

(Photograph taken by Rodney Garnett)

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The ACT Heritage Register is organised by suburb or district in which the place is located and includes all the places or objects nominated, provisionally registered or fully registered.

This is a copy of the ACT Heritage Register. The Register is maintained by the ACT Heritage Unit. The Unit seeks to keep this website up to date. However, information available here may be only part of the full Register entry, or may not reflect the most recent decisions of Council. Absence does not mean a particular place is not in the register. Always check with the ACT Heritage Unit to confirm the registration status of a place or object, by phoning 13 22 81. 

The final registration documents for places or objects that are fully registered are available as downloadable documents organised by:

Also available is information about:


Nomination, cancellation and request for information forms

A Certificate of Registration is available at cost from ACT Heritage.

Heritage Assessment Policy

The Heritage Assessment Policy (HTML version) is the ACT Heritage Council’s policy document for nominating, assessing and making decisions about heritage places and objects against the heritage significance criteria in the Heritage Act 2004

The ACT Heritage Council and Heritage Unit have developed a detailed document (the Heritage Assessment Policy) to assist with the nomination, assessment and decision making processes for heritage places and objects in accordance with the heritage significance criteria of the Heritage Act 2004. You are encouraged to read this document prior to preparing a nomination for entry of a place or object to the ACT Heritage Register.

The goals of the Heritage Register

The Heritage Register aims to represent and protect the rich natural and cultural heritage of the ACT, encompassing both Aboriginal and post European cultural values.

Information Sheets that give an overview of the registration process, the protection of heritage and the implications of heritage listing for planning and development are available for guidance.

What does it mean for a heritage item to be listed on the Heritage Register?

Listing on the ACT Heritage Register means that the place or object is:

  • of particular importance to the people of the ACT and enriches our understanding of history and identity;
  • is legally protected under the Heritage Act 2004 including the application of Heritage Guidelines;
  • requires advice by the ACT Heritage Council on development issues to improve conservation outcomes; and
  • is eligible for support from the Heritage Advisory Service or funding from the Heritage Grant Program.