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You can search the Heritage Register for information on heritage places and objects that have been nominated, provisionally registered and registered. The search is by suburb or district.

The register is maintained by the ACT Heritage Unit. Information on the website may be indicative only, or may not reflect the most recent decisions of the Council. Absence does not mean a particular place or object is not listed, so please check with the ACT Heritage Unit on 13 22 81 to confirm the registration status and full registration details of a place or object.


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Heritage significance

Under the Heritage Act 2004 (the Act) the ACT Heritage Council (the Council) is responsible for keeping a register of places and objects in the ACT which have heritage significance at the Territory level. A place or object must meet at least one of the heritage significance criteria outlined in the Act to be entered in the register. The criteria are:

  1. it demonstrates a high degree of technical or creative achievement (or both), by showing qualities of innovation, discovery, invention or an exceptionally fine level of application of existing techniques or approaches
  2. it exhibits outstanding design or aesthetic qualities valued by the community or a cultural group
  3. it is important as evidence of a distinctive way of life, taste, tradition, religion, land use, custom, process, design or function that is no longer practised, is in danger of being lost or is of exceptional interest
  4. it is highly valued by the community or a cultural group for reasons of strong or special religious, spiritual, cultural, educational or social associations
  5. it is significant to the ACT because of its importance as part of local Aboriginal tradition
  6. it is a rare or unique example of its kind, or is rare or unique in its comparative intactness
  7. it is a notable example of a kind of place or object and demonstrates the main characteristics of that kind
  8. it has strong or special associations with a person, group, event, development or cultural phase in local or national history
  9. it is significant for understanding the evolution of natural landscapes, including significant geological features, landforms, biota or natural processes
  10. it has provided, or is likely to provide, information that will contribute significantly to a wider understanding of the natural or cultural history of the ACT because of its use or potential use as a research site or object, teaching site or object, type locality or benchmark site
  11. for a place - it exhibits unusual richness, diversity or significant transitions of flora, fauna or natural landscapes and their elements
    1. the life cycle of native species
    2. rare, threatened or uncommon species
    3. species at the limits of their natural range
    4. distinct occurrences of species.
  12. for a place - it is a significant ecological community, habitat or locality for any of the following:

Nominating a place or object to the ACT Heritage Register

Any person may nominate a place or object for entry in the register by completing a nomination form (196KB).

Places and objects are entered in the register after an assessment and registration process which includes consultation with property owners, other interested persons and the broader ACT community.

The Council has prepared a detailed policy document (8MB) and associated fact sheet (HTML version) about the heritage assessment process, including advice on assessing significance and the threshold levels of significance. Please read this document before submitting a nomination as it will help guide your nomination and help you understand how the Council will determine whether the place or object you nominate has heritage significance.

Fact sheets detailing the process for nomination, registration and implications of listing are also available.

Any one may also request the cancellation of a registered place or object by completing a cancellation form. However, the Council may only cancel the registration of a place or object if they believe the place or object no longer has heritage significance.

Effects of heritage registration

Listing on the register means the place or object:

  • is of heritage significance to the ACT and enriches our understanding of history and identity
  • is legally protected under the provisions of the Act (noting, however, that all Aboriginal places and objects are legally protected, whether or not they are registered)
  • requires advice by the Council on development issues to ensure good conservation outcomes
  • is eligible for free development and architectural advice and funding from the ACT Heritage Grants Program.

Having a property listed as a heritage place essentially means that if you wish to undertake works or development at the place, the Council will advise whether the proposal will have an impact on the place’s heritage significance. This advice will be considered through the development application process of the planning and land authority.

Detailed information about the effects of listing is available on the information sheets Heritage Listing Explained and Debunking the myths of heritage listings.

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