The ACT celebrates and conserves its significant heritage places and objects for their value to present and future generations. ACT Heritage carries out projects that promote this heritage as well as providing heritage conservation advice.

Becker House. Picture taken by Rodney Garnett

Entrance to Ginninderra Village Complex. Picture taken by Dr Peter Dowling

What we do

ACT Heritage administers the heritage provisions of the Heritage Act 2004.

We assist in the conservation of the ACT's heritage assets to ensure their identification, preservation, protection, maintenance and enhancement (where appropriate) for present and future generations.

We provide administrative and operational support to the ACT Heritage Council and to their projects.

We administer the annual funding of the ACT Heritage Grants Program.

We provide advice and information on:

  • heritage registration and how it may affect your property;
  • the potential impact of development on heritage property;
  • heritage places and objects, as well as natural and Aboriginal heritage; and
  • eligibility for heritage grants and awards.

Our customers

Our customers include:

  • The ACT community;
  • Owners and custodians of heritage places and objects;
  • Community heritage and educational organisations;
  • Heritage professionals and related industries;
  • The ACT Heritage Council and
  • Other government agencies.