Invasive plants


What is an invasive plant?


Plants that grow in sites where they are not wanted are weeds. This is a very broad term and includes everything from amenity weeds to invasive plants.

Invasive plants

Invasive plants are introduced plants that can establish on many sites, grow quickly and spread to the point of disrupting native plant communities or ecosystems. Put simply, invasive plants are high risk weeds.

Invasive plant control maps and progress reports

The following interactive maps show the locations where invasive plant control has been undertaken. The map for the current financial year is a live map which is updated automatically as work is completed.

Invasive Plants Operations Plan

The Invasive Plants Operations Plan is for invasive plant control on public land in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). Many of the species are legally required to be controlled (pest plants. Planned control work on leased rural land is outlined in separate land management agreements. Major threats are tackled jointly, because invasive plants do not recognise fences or property boundaries.

Information on invasive plants