Livestock management


National Livestock Identification System (NLIS)

The National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) is an Australia-wide system that is used to identify and trace livestock. The system works to ensure that Australia's export market access and food safety assurances are of the highest standard. NLIS can also assist in the event of an emergency animal disease outbreak by the rapid tracing of livestock movements and identifying the potential spread pattern of the disease.

Livestock movements identified by NLIS-accredited devices or visual tagsmust be recorded onto a database at each stage of the supply chain process. In most cases the receiver of the stock for each movement must record the information for the movement on the database. For more information about NLIS visit Meat and Livestock Australia or phone 6207 2357 (for ACT livestock owners).

Property Identification Code (PIC)

The Property Identification Code (PIC) is allocated by local governments to each property in its jurisdiction to help in the identification and tracing of stock movements, and to assist in the identification of properties that may be potentially affected during an animal disease emergency. The PIC is an essential element of the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) detailed above. A PIC is required when ordering NLIS-accredited identification devices for National Vendor Declarations (NVDs) and general stock movement identification. To apply for a PIC in the ACT an application form must be completed. For further information or an application form phone 6205 3737.

National Vendor Declarations

National Vendor Declarations (NVD) are written statements produced at the time of sale and signed by the seller, to declare the status of the livestock with respect to certain food or animal health issues (e.g. history of drench use or herd health status). NVD forms are specific to the identification code of the property. To obtain a NVD it is necessary to first obtain a Property Identification Code (PIC) as detailed above. Producers then need to register with the Livestock Production Assurance program followed by accreditation. For information on the registration process refer to Meat and Livestock Australia or phone 1800 683 111.