ACT Water Strategy

The ACT Water Strategy 2014-44: Striking the Balance (ACT Water Strategy) was publicly released in August 2014. Implementation Plan 1 (2014-18) was released at the same time. The strategy is summarized in the ACT Water Strategy 2014–44: Striking the Balance fact sheet.

This strategy marked a new approach to water management for the ACT as the Territory emerged form drought and the priority shifted from a single water security focus to addressing new challenges for water resource management, including deteriorating water quality resulting from urban development, maintaining aging stormwater infrastructure and the need for enhanced stewardship of water resources and catchments.

report card was prepared in 2018 to show progress against Implementation Plan One. This shows good progress with implementing the Strategy, especially:

Implementation Plan 2 was released on 20 June 2019. The key actions for 2019-23 are:

  • Ensuring a long term sustainable funding environment for ACT water resource management
  • Reviewing the ACT Water Resources Act 2007 to ensure it reflects best practice and the functional arrangement of water management in the Territory
  • Continuing to move towards Canberra becoming a water sensitive city
  • Continuing to use best practice science to guide on-ground actions to protect and manage our water estate.