Constructed Wetlands Video - this 14 minute video shot at the Banksia St and David St, O'Connor and Dickson Wetlands focuses on:

  • community involvement
  • wetland values
  • wetland concerns.

It provides a useful introduction to the curriculum program.

The Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate and the ACT Education and Training Directorate  produced a 56 page coloured booklet on constructed and natural wetlands. Units of work are provided for early childhood, later childhood, early adolescence and later adolescence. They focus on three essential learning achievements:

  • ELA 2 - The student understands and applies the inquiry process
  • ELA 19 - The student understands and applies scientific knowledge
  • ELA 20 - The students acts for an environmentally sustainable future

These units build understanding of what a wetland is and the place of wetlands in larger systems. They explore the practice of managing urban stormwater by constructing urban wetlands.

In order to understand that the Canberra region hosts a diverse array of wetlands, information is provided on sites such as the Jerrabomberra Wetlands, Ginini Flats, Nursery Swamp, Horse Park and Lake George. A case study focuses on the David St, O'Connor urban wetland, constructed in 2001.

Understanding Canberra's wetlands: a school curriculum program for the study of constructed urban wetlands (2010) (3.4 MB)

Stormwater Pollution Fact Sheet

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