Waterway restoration - Curtin (upper Molonglo catchment)

Waterway restoration, McCulloch Street and Cotter Road, Curtin

The Yarralumla Creek catchment is one of the oldest urbanised areas in the ACT. Only small remnant areas of nature reserve survive with the main waterway, Yarralumla Creek, discharging high sediment and nutrient loads into the Molonglo River.

This waterway restoration on Yarralumla Creek, approximately two kilometres upstream from the confluence with the Molonglo River, was designed to reduce erosion, particularly on the creek banks.

It will target erosion hotspots identified using aerial imagery and site inspections. Works included the repair of heavily eroded banks, the construction of rock riffles, weed control, landscaping and the construction of a short maintenance access track.

The works will prevent approximately 97,000 kilograms per year of suspended sediment being discharged into the Molonglo River

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