Victoria Marquez Musso - Year 12 - Gungahlin College

DrainART tile

I have created a 'monstrous' hand that will appear to be crawling out of the storm drain when placed perpendicular to the storm drains opening.

A large portion of the general public is not aware of the terrible impact their litter has on the environment. My slimy hand is constructed with the rubbish that is thrown so carelessly down our drains. When placed on the storm water drain, it should appear to be a monster's hand that is trying it's best to crawl out of the polluted drain.

I want to create a story and suggest to the public that it is their rubbish that has created this 'scary' monster. Not only are animals and plants affected by the litter. Humans can get sick coming in contact with polluted water, therefore it was important to create an artwork that would affect the public in a more intimate way.

Student's winning design image