Monitoring waterways

On any given day, there’s someone monitoring water quality in the ACT.

The ACT Healthy Waterways Project funds Waterwatch ACT, an organisation that works with the community to monitor, raise awareness, educate, restore and protect our local waterways.

Over 200 Waterwatch volunteers monitor water quality every month at 243 sites around the region, covering a total area of more than 11,400 square kilometres.

The data they collect provides an early warning system for aquatic ecosystem health issues and is published in the annual Catchment Health Indicator Program (CHIP) report

Environment Protection Officers routinely monitor the water quality for blue-green algal blooms at various sites in all urban lakes.

The ACT Guidelines for Recreational Water Quality produced by ACT Health detail the processes and procedures for each type and level of algae or bacteria. Alerts (media releases and online updates) and signage at recreational areas is coordinated by Transport Canberra and City Services (TCCS), Access Canberra and ACT Health Protection Service in accordance with the guidelines.

Visit the TCCS website for more information about blue-green algae, monitoring, lake closures and alerts.