World Water Day - We can all protect our waterways


To celebrate World Water Day on Wednesday 22 March 2017, locals were encouraged to do at least one thing to help make a difference to the health of our waterways.

World Water Day is a United Nations initiative to tackle water issues around the globe and a number of projects in the ACT are helping to protect our water sources.
ACT Healthy Waterways is a joint initiative of the Australian and ACT governments to build water quality infrastructure on up to 25 sites around the ACT. The first of these projects is scheduled to commence soon. In addition, a new stormwater education program called H2OK: Keeping our waterways healthy, launched last month, encourages everyone in the ACT and region to make sure only rain goes down the stormwater drain.

The theme of this year’s World Water Day—‘wastewater’ or ‘why waste water?’—provided an opportunity for everyone to think about ways to make a difference.

Everything that goes down the stormwater drain ends up in our waterways so it is important we pick up rubbish, sweep driveways, pick up pet droppings and put cigarette butts in the bin instead of leaving them in the street.

Autumn has arrived and fallen leaves are a big problem when it comes to stormwater. They get washed down the drain and into the stormwater system where they break down and create high nutrient loads. This can cause all sorts of problems in our lakes including blue-green algae. Raking up leaves is one of the best ways to improve water quality.

What will you do to improve water quality? Visit our top ten tips page for ideas on how you can prevent contaminated water flowing into our lakes and waterways as well as information on the ACT Healthy Waterways Project.