Work begins on water quality projects in Woden

Aerial view of water quality project construction work at Yarralumla Creek, WodenTwo new water quality projects in Woden will not only provide great green spaces for the local community but also improve the water quality in Yarralumla Creek.

Work has started on a pond beside Athllon Drive and a rain garden in the open space around the Flood Memorial site near Yarra Glen roundabout. Both sites are expected to be compete and open to the public by February 2019.

Together, the rain garden and pond will remove over 38,000kg of nitrogen, phosphorous and suspended sediment every year from stormwater run-off before it flows into Yarralumla Creek.

Covering almost 3500 hectares, the Yarralumla Creek catchment was identified as a priority early in the planning phase of ACT Healthy Waterways. A highly urbanised catchment with only small remnant areas of nature reserve, its old-style stormwater network of pipes and concrete-lined channels rapidly move water out of the area which can cause significant soil erosion.

Hard surfaces, like roofs, roads and paving, readily transport pollutants and nutrients into the stormwater system, even during light rain, and on into Yarralumla Creek which, in turn, discharges high levels of sediment and nutrient loads into the Molonglo River.

Two more projects that focus on restoring Yarralumla Creek downstream of the two Woden sites will commence later this year.