On my rural block

Residents living on rural properties get to enjoy the benefits of the region's natural landscapes. What you do on your rural block not only supports your land but has an impact on the overall health of the catchment and region's lakes, creeks, and rivers. Having good stewardship of your rural block will help keep our waterways healthy.

Maintain at least 70% groundcover

  • Overgrazing is a problem for our waterways. Bare areas in paddocks, including stock camps around watering areas, can erode soil and wash sediment down the catchment and into waterways.
  • At least 70% groundcover is best for your stock and long-term paddock management.

Build well-designed roads and parking areas

  • Keep roads and tracks to a minimum and construct well-designed roads and parking areas that minimise erosion.
  • Dumping of builder's spoil or chemical waste without a permit is illegal and threatens our waterways.

Do the right thing with chemical waste and containers

  • Don't dump chemicals or chemical containers on your block – use Drum Muster for safe disposal.

Work with your land

You could also volunteer

  • Volunteering for the environment is a great way to make a difference.
  • Learn more about where you live, get outdoors, stay fit and meet new people.
  • Join our Waterwatch team. We rely on a network of volunteers to regularly monitor water quality in the ACT and around the region.
  • Get involved in regional Landcare initiatives.