Construction industry

What you do in the construction industry affects us all. Waste and soil down the stormwater drain damage our waterways.

  • Know your legal responsibilities. Ensure your site complies with the required environmental controls to mitigate stormwater pollution. Take measures to implement and maintain these on your site.
  • Construct well-designed erosion and sediment control measures to maintain the soil; don’t let it go down the stormwater drain. It will not only protect our waterways but will save you money.
  • It’s illegal to let waste wash off your site or for chemicals or paint to be disposed in drains that flow into the stormwater system.
  • Build well-designed roads and parking areas that minimise erosion.
  • Make sure there are places to put site rubbish.
  • Keep your site right. Manage all construction waste properly and don’t allow them to wash off-site into the gutters.
  • Dumping of builder’s spoil or chemical waste without a permit is illegal and threatens our waterways and health.