Wetlands - Narrabundah (Fyshwick catchment)

Wetlands - Narrabundah

25/03/2019 - Macrophyte planting has commenced.

15/02/2019 – Concrete path under construction.

06/02/2019 - Remediation work to repair damage caused by frequent summer storms is under way and will continue for a few weeks, weather permitting. This project is one of seven ACT Healthy Waterways sites across the ACT where works are taking place in an active water course and, as such, it is very susceptible to damage and delays during construction. Soil, plants and infrastructure can be washed away before they are established. While the weather is fine, crews are working to repair damage and establish infrastructure that will slow the water down and protect plants and soil before the next storm event.

14/12/2018 - Civil works continue. Preparations for landscaping underway.

07/11/2108 - Concrete pour complete.

25/07/2018 - Letters advising of the start of construction are being delivered to residents who live within a 100m radius of the site. Please check your letterbox.

16/10/2018 - Site fencing is in place and works have started.

The new wetland off Matina St in Narrabundah will transform that section of Jerrabomberra Creek into a haven for wildlife and a great asset for local residents.

It will also play an important role in removing pollutants from the water before the creek flows into the Jerrabomberra Wetlands downstream.

The new 420m long wetland will include a chain of six open water ponds (typical depth 1.2m), a sediment basin, a high-flow diversion structure and bypass channel to protect the site from flooding. It will be created in Jerrabomberra Creek which will be widened to approximately 18m.

Originally designed as a large, permanently inundated wetland to the east of the creek, there were concerns about its appeal to large water birds and the associated risk of bird strike at nearby Canberra Airport. The new design minimises that risk, allows uninterrupted fish passage through the reach and enhances habitat diversity.

All base and minor event flows in the creek will pass through the wetlands, ensuring a reliable water supply and a healthy riparian habitat.

There are two more ACT Healthy Waterways projects in the area – at Eyre St in Kingston and off Dairy Road in Fyshwick. Combined, the three projects will remove 114,000kg of nitrogen, phosphorous and suspended solids every year from stormwater that flows into Jerrabomberra Creek.

Start date September 2018
Construction finished March 2019+
Anticipated establishment period Two years from open date^
Open for public use March 2019*

+Construction may be delayed by a number of factors, including bad weather. Planting is part of the construction phase and the timing of the growing season may impact on construction timelines.
^Water plants in particular may take up to two years to become established. The length of time may vary depending on ground and weather conditions.
*Some areas of the site may remain closed to the public past this point to allow for additional planting or for plants to become established.

Design changes

Although water quality is the priority for ACT Healthy Waterways, the project team is also working to a fixed budget and timeframe.

The original plan presented to the community involved the creation of a large off-line wetland where the grassed meadow is. Most changes were prompted by concerns about the risk of bird strike at Canberra Airport. They include:

  • The reconfiguration of the wetland to a linear form within the current course of Jerrabomberra Creek
  • The total treatment area has been reduced from approximately 17,000 square metres to 12,000 square metres
  • The size of the individual open areas (ponds) has been reduced to discourage large water birds
  • The combined vegetated area has increased from approximately 28,000 square metres to 30,000 square metres.

More information

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How this project might impact you

  • Trucks will pass in and out of the area during the improvement work. Routes have been established to minimise traffic disruption and noise.
  • Any detours for traffic, walkers and cyclists will be in place and will be clearly signposted.
  • The construction site will be fenced for public safety during the preparation, construction and establishment phases of the project.

The contractor has prepared a Construction Environment Management Plan (CEMP) to detail how it will deal with flora and fauna issues.

FW019 - Wetlands - Narrabundah - plan