West Belconnen catchment

BPP IDSuburbProject DescriptionStatus
WB004MelbaWetland -  Corner of Ginninderra Drive and Copland Dr: Low-flow stormwater will be diverted from Ginninderra Creek into a coarse filter and then into a new wetland before it is returned to the creek. High flows will bypass directly into Ginninderra Creek to the south of the wetland. In addition to helping improve water quality in the creek, the wetland will add to the amenity and ecology of the area.Approved
WB008FloreyWetland and potential stormwater use, corner of Krefft Street and Bernard Circuit:Located in open space between St Francis Xavier College and Krefft Street, the new wetland will help improve water quality by slowing stormwater and trapping sediments and nutrients.  Some of the captured and treated stormwater may be used to irrigate the St Francis Xavier College oval.  Landscaping, including understorey planting, will improve the existing open space and provide opportunities for recreation and the enjoyment of nature.


WB009EvattWetland – Croke Place: A new wetland will be constructed in the open space next to Ginninderra Creek near William Webb Drive, immediately downstream of Lake Ginninderra. Flows from residential areas will move through the wetland for treatment., In addition to helping maintain water quality in the creek downstream of the lake, the wetland will add to the amenity and ecology of the area.  Approved
WB010FloreyDrain naturalisation/swale – Tattersalls Crescent: The existing concrete-lined open channel that forms part of the floodway to the east of Page Neighbourhood Oval will be naturalised. Plantings in and beside the channel will slow stormwater run-off and improve water quality and will enhance the environment around existing paths.Approved
WB013Fraser and Halls Creek Wetland -  Between Shakespeare Crescent: Located in Dunlop Grassland, north of Fraser, a new wetland will include a GPT and, together, they will intercept and treat low flow stormwater before it is discharged into Hall Creek. High flows will bypass the wetland and continue along the stormwater network.  The wetland will improve amenity in the Dunlop Grasslands with minimal impact on open space.Reserve project*