Waterway restoration - Curtin (upper Molonglo catchment)

25/03/2019 - Gabion baskets completed.

15/2/2019 - Earthworks underway, some concrete footings poured.

06/02/2019 - Remediation work to repair damage caused by frequent summer storms is under way and will continue for a few weeks, weather permitting. This project is one of seven ACT Healthy Waterways sites across the ACT where works are taking place in an active water course and, as such, it is very susceptible to damage and delays during construction. Soil, plants and infrastructure can be washed away before they are established. While the weather is fine, crews are working to repair damage and establish infrastructure that will slow the water down and protect plants and soil before the next storm event.

20/11/2018 - Letters advising of the start of works are being delivered to residents who live within a 100m radius of the site. Please check your letterbox. You can also view the letter here.

Waterway restoration, McCulloch Street and Cotter Road, Curtin

The Yarralumla Creek catchment is one of the oldest urbanised areas in the ACT. Only small remnant areas of nature reserve survive with the main waterway, Yarralumla Creek, discharging high sediment and nutrient loads into the Molonglo River.

This waterway restoration on Yarralumla Creek, approximately two kilometres upstream from the confluence with the Molonglo River, is designed to reduce erosion, particularly on the creek banks.

It will target erosion hotspots identified using aerial imagery and site inspections. Works include the repair of heavily eroded banks, the construction of rock riffles, weed control, landscaping and the construction of a short maintenance access track.

Current modelling indicates that soil loss from erosion on this reach of the creek is approximately 108,000 kilograms per year. Once work is complete soil loss is expected to be reduced by over 97,000 kilograms (90 per cent).

Start date

December 2018

Likely construction finish date

April 2019+

+Works may be delayed by a number of factors, including bad weather. Planting is part of the construction phase and the timing of the growing season may impact on construction timelines.

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How this project might impact you

  • Trucks will pass in and out of the area during the improvement work. Routes have been established to minimise traffic disruption and noise
  • Any detours for walkers and cyclists will be in place and will be clearly signposted
  • The site will be fenced for public safety
  • The contractor has prepared a Construction Environment Management Plan (CEMP) to detail how it will deal with flora and fauna issues.