Lower Molonglo catchment

BPP IDSuburbProject DescriptionStatus
LM001FisherRain garden - near Araluen Street: A rain garden will be established away from the existing playground in a position to avoid impacting existing trees while also maximising the upstream water it captures. Replacing the current grassed area with a rain garden will mean an increase in habitat diversity and an  improved ecosystem  The design accommodates existing on-site acitivites, like dog walking, but also allows for other recreational activities with the addition of features like paths and seating.Reserve project*
LM004AStirlingWetland -  adjacent to Centre for Teaching and Learning, Freemantle Drive: A wetland will be established on the grounds of the Centre for Teaching and Learning. Along with additional paths and plants, the wetland will become a great recreational and learning space. Careful design means the wetland will not impact the Stirling District Playing Fields. Reserve project*
LM006RivettRain garden -  between Tristania Street and Streeton Drive: The rain garden will be located to minimize the removal of trees and to avoid being too clse to houses.  The areas potential as a place for recreation will be enhanced and new plants vegetation will encourage habitat diversity.Reserve project*
LM008CHolderWetland -  between Streeton Drive and Weston Creek stormwater channel: The wetland is located within the drainage corridor between Streeton Drive and Weston Creek and will treat the upstream catchment.  It has been designed not only to minimise tree removal  but also impact on the existing archery range to the north.  New and existing paths will be linked to create a walking/cycling circuit Reserve project*
LM010HolderRain garden - near De Graaff Street: The rain garden will be a new feature in the landscape, improving the existing open grassed space and new plantings will encourage greater habitat diversity. Positioned away from the existing playground, it has also been designed to have minimum impact on existing trees.Reserve project*
LM013HolderWetlands – Cotter Road, south of Pearlman Street intersection: Two new wetlands will be established in the open space between Dixon Drive and Cotter Road. Water-loving reeds, grasses and trees will use the nutrients in the stormwater to grow and help remove sediments by reducing the speed of water flows.

Careful and sympathetic design will minimise impact on existing vegetation and paths,  currently used for walking, horse riding and cycling. The area will be extensively landscaped to maintain amenity. The site is expected to be a favorite destination for families, walkers and cyclists.