Lake Tuggeranong catchment

Project IDSuburbProject DescriptionStatus
TG003KambahRain garden and potential stormwater use – Chirnside Circuit:A new rain garden in open space south of the Kambah West District Playing Fields near Drakeford Drive will improve the overall ecology and amenity of the site. The existing cycleway will not be affected but some trees may need to be removed to allow for construction.Approved
TG007BGreenwayRain garden – North of De Little Circuit:A new rain garden will make use of the open space adjacent to Lake Tuggeranong.  The existing pedestrian and cycle access will be retained and greater habitat diversity will improve the ecosystem.Reserve project*
TG008WanniassaRain gardens and potential stormwater use – Athllon Drive between Langdon Avenue and Fincham Crescent:A series of rain gardens will be established adjacent to St Anthony’s Primary School near Athllon Drive. Some of the captured and treated stormwater may be used to irrigate Wanniassa Playing Fields. Approved
TG010Isabella PlainsRain garden – Stranger Pond: A rain garden upstream from Upper Stranger Pond will help remove sediments and nutrients from stormwater.  Depending on conditions, water from the pond could be used to irrigate Isabella Plains Neighbourhood Oval and nearby playing fields. The area will also be landscaped to incorporate vegetation and planting beneath existing trees. Approved
TG011CMonashWetlands, Isabella Pond, Drakeford Dr, Monash: Two wetlands will be constructed on the edge of Isabella Pond in conjunction with the proposed upgrade of the Isabella Weir spillway for flood mitigation purposes. These improvements will help remove nutrients from the stormwater that enters Lake Tuggeranong via the pond.


TG012MonashSwale – Corlette Crescent to Isabella Pond: Part of the concrete channel between Corlette Street, Monash and Isabella Pond will be converted to a swale. Vegetation in the swale will help treat stormwater before it enters the pond and increase the diversity of the area’s natural habitat. The swale will occupy a wider area compared to the current concrete channel. Approved
TG014WanniassaRain garden and potential stormwater use – opposite Viking Park,  McBryde Street: A rain garden will help remove sediment and nutrient from the urban catchment. Greater habitat diversity will improve the ecosystem and the rain garden has been positioned to minimise the removal of existing trees.Reserve project*
TG017GowrieRain garden and potential stormwater use -  Bugden Ave, opposite Kellett Street:  Treated water will flow to two storage tanks buried underneath a rain garden.  This will maximize the filter area of the treatment system and reduce the visual impact of the tanks. Tank overflows could be diverted to an adjacent stormwater pipe and a pump and rising main would be used to irrigate the playing fields. Reserve project*
TG018GowrieRain garden – North of Holy Family Primary School, Weathers Street: The rain garden will be tiered with two elevations which will make use of the slope to minimise excavation.  Some trees will have to be removed but landscaping will improve the ecosystem and biological diversity. Paths and seating will be added and the existing north-south path will be replaced by a boardwalk. Reserve project*
TG023ChisholmRain garden and potential stormwater use – open space between Isabella Drive and Kirkcaldie Circuit: The new rain garden may be combined with an irrigation system so captured and treated stormwater can be used to irrigate Chisholm District playing fields. While some existing trees will need to be removed, the project includes extensive landscaping and new planting.In design phase
TG029FaddenRain gardens - Fadden Pines Reserve: Two rain gardens will improve the open space between Isabella Drive and Coyne Street. The area will also be landscaped to incorporate vegetation and filtering media to remove nutrients and sediment. The design minimises the removal of existing trees and leaves a large landscaped area as a recreational space for the local community. Approved
TG030KambahPond and potential stormwater use – between Kett St and Drakeford Drive: A new pond, in open space near the Burns Club, will capture stormwater that could be used to irrigate the adjacent Kambah East District Playing Fields.  The site will be landscaped to enhance the existing open space. Approved