Construction on the first project is expected to commence by April 2017, with more due to start mid-year. Completion of all projects is scheduled for mid 2019.

The order in which projects unfold will be determined once the approvals and procurement phases are complete. The particular requirements of each site will be taken into account, along with seasonal and location constraints. We will also look for opportunities to generate efficiencies by combining work on like or complimentary projects.

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Potential issues

Construction may cause a few problems along the way. These may include:

  • increased noise and dust
  • sediment pollution such as soil erosion and run-off from project sites
  • increased traffic
  • disturbance to verge assets, including trees, grass, footpaths, kerbs and gutters, public lighting or stormwater pumps
  • the removal of trees and other vegetation from project sites.

Managing the impact

The project team is working to minimise the impact on the community and the environment.

  • All works must be consistent with the relevant statutory obligations, including the Environment Protection Act 1997.
  • Construction environment management plans, along with erosion and sediment control plans, will be prepared and implemented to manage the potential impact of pollution.
  • The implementation of landscape management and protection plans will ensure verge assets are managed, protected and, if need be, replaced.
  • Traffic management plans will help to minimise the disruption for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.