Construction is underway or complete on all but one of the 20 ACT Healthy Waterways sites.

As with all construction projects, bad weather and site discoveries may delay a project. However, contingencies will be incorporated into the schedule for each site. Construction of all projects must be complete by June 2019.

Following the construction phase, site fences will remain in place until all macrophyte (wetland) planting has been completed. Following construction and planting, an ‘establishment period’ of up to two years (to allow for revegetation and stabilisation of earthworks for example) will limit access to some areas on each site.

Netting will also be installed to protect young plants from birds who routinely eat and trample new plantings. This will be removed once plants are established and stable.

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Minimising the impact of construction

Every effort will be made to minimise the impact of construction on the environment and the local community. However, there may be a few issues along the way, including:

  • increased noise and dust
  • soil erosion
  • increased traffic
  • disturbance to verges, including trees, grass, footpaths, kerbs and gutters, public lighting or stormwater pumps
  • the removal of trees and other vegetation from project sites
  • birds and other animals getting stuck in plant netting.

Please note that:

  • all works must be consistent with the relevant statutory obligations, including the Environment Protection Act 1997
  • construction environment management plans, along with erosion and sediment control plans, will be implemented to manage the potential impact of pollution
  • the implementation of landscape management and protection plans will ensure verge assets are managed, protected and, if need be, replaced
  • traffic management plans will help to minimise the disruption for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.
  • If you see an animal stuck in the netting protecting the plants, please call Able Landscaping on 6230 0699.