Schools DrainART competition

DrainART tile

2018 School DrainART Design Competition

The 2018 DrainART design competition is open to local primary and secondary students from the ACT, Cooma, Yass and Queanbeyan area calling for visually appealing, colourful and eye-catching artwork to be placed on the street as a visual reminder that only rain should go down the stormwater drain. Additionally, the 2018 competition includes a video or animation category.

Ten student submissions will be selected by a project panel for use in the H2OK Keeping our Waterways Healthy program across the region.

Chosen designs may be digitally printed on to asphalt ART material, used in social media, displays or as part of an event to engage the community about the program.

Student submissions or a selection from submissions, depending on the number received, will be displayed in public libraries in the region.

Competition Requirements

Submission Categories

Submissions are invited to respond to three common pollutants in our waterways:

  1. Organics and Soils – Leaves, soil, dog faeces if washed into our waterways contain or carry with them nutrients that damage our waterways. We need to stop erosion and compost, mulch or properly dispose of organic waste.
  2. Litter – Cans, bottles, plastic bags and cigarette butts, as well as many other things, are illegally disposed of on our streets and in our parks and end up in waterways. They effect fish and other water life and clog our waterways. Most litter can be recycled, containers returned for a deposit (in the ACT) or disposed of properly.
  3. Detergents and Cleaning Products – Soapy water enters our waterways when cars are cleaned on roads or driveways or when cleaning waster is poured down our drains. Cleaning cars should be done where there is no danger of run off to drains or cars taken to a commercial car wash. Cleaning waste should be disposed of correctly at a sullage point or toilet so the waste can be treated as sewage.

Submission Media

Submissions may be submitted as drawings, digital images, photographs or videos. Print and digital media must be able to be clearly displayed at A4 Landscape size. Video submissions must be submitted in MP4 file format, with no audio and be no more than 30 seconds in length. Submissions MUST be original. No trademarked phrases, logos or images are permitted as part of submissions.

Designs will be favoured that invoke behaviour change or can make the connection to pollutants highlighted above. Colours need to be bold for depth for scanning application. Each entry must include the application form filled out legibly and in its entirety.

Competition Prizes

The Project Panel will select a first, second and third prize in each category. In addition, all prize winners will be submitted to the ACT Minister for the Environment and Heritage who will award a special Ministers Award to one submission. The winning submissions will receive store vouchers (Ministers Award $200; First $150, Second $100 and Third $50).

Asphalt ART Material

Successful designs may be digitally printed with UV durable inks onto outdoor Asphalt floor decals and installed to footpath concrete surfaces. Asphalt Art has a built in non-slip textured surface which is CSIRO tested non slip approved. The longevity of the art work is reduced as asphalt concrete stickers have life span up to 12 months. The short fixture of the asphalt art design provides opportunity to have temporary art murals located near stormwater infrastructure across the ACT and region in a coordinated seasonal program that will provide wider reach for Stormwater Education program messaging.

Media and promotion

All artwork installed will be photographed/captured through video and may be presented in exhibitions and promoted on social media to further promote the H2OK education program. The successful artist(s) will be required to submit a short artwork bio that can be used to promote with your artwork to the community. We want to know about your art design and your thoughts on why it’s important to keep our local waterways healthy. Designs and artwork on the street will be photographed to be used in publications and website materials providing an enduring legacy for the H2OK program.

Application process

Participating students must complete and sign an application form to submit with their artwork design(s).

Artwork designs are to be submitted, for drawings, paintings, digital designs, on A4 size paper in landscape format. Videos are to be submitted in MP4 format.

Submissions can be sent to:

Lyndsey Day, Project Officer, Catchment Education
Catchment Management and Water Policy
Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate
GPO Box 158
Canberra ACT 2601

OR hand delivered to Level 1, Dame Pattie Menzies House (North), 16 Challis Street, Dickson, ACT, 2602

OR emailed to

All designs must be received by COB Friday 16 November 2018

Submissions will be assessed by a project panel who will select the winning artwork.

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