One of the benefits of living in Canberra is its natural environment setting and the associated native wildlife. Canberra has often been called the ‘Bush Capital’ because it has so many urban reserves. It also qualifies as the ‘kangaroo capital’—compared to any other city, Canberra has a lot of Eastern Grey Kangaroos. Creating a sustainable ‘Bush Capital’ means being aware of and understanding how to live alongside our local wildlife. We may encounter kangaroos on our roads, while walking in a park or nature reserve and sometimes even in our own back yards.

Kangaroo management policy

Policy surrounding kangaroo management in the ACT can be seen in the 2010 ACT kangaroo management plan and the Eastern Grey Kangaroo: Controlled Native Species Management Plan, a statutory plan under the Nature Conservation Act 2014.

2019 conservation cull of Eastern Grey Kangaroos

The 2019 conservation cull has been completed. For further information please see the 2019 conservation cull web page.

Kangaroo research

The ACT Government is committed to evidence-based kangaroo management and is a leader in Eastern Grey Kangaroo research through its own work and through partnerships with other organisations. Research, which informs decisions about kangaroo management, includes studies on fertility control, kangaroo abundance, population dynamics and the effects of grazing on grassland and woodland biodiversity.

Visit the kangaroo research page for more information on current and past research.

Other topics of interest

Kangaroo spotting

Meet the mob of 'street smart' kangaroos moving into Australia's capital city. Kangaroo mob video.

Kangaroo spotting in Canberra. Australian Geographic article.