Play space upgrades

The ACT Government is committed to helping the community lead healthy, active lives, and public playspaces are a great opportunity for children to engage in active fun. The ACT Government upgrades playspaces to ensure they remain safe and fit for play by meeting current ACT and Australian Standards. The upgrades are separated into major playspace renewals or minor works.

Minor playspace upgrades across the ACT

In 2016-17, the ACT Government is conducting a program of minor upgrades to 38 playspaces across Canberra to ensure play equipment is accessible and safe for use.

The upgrades will involve replacing or repairing sections of the equipment including hand rails, mulch top ups, fencing and other minor amendments. As well as improving safety for children who use the equipment, these improvements will help make the play equipment more fun.

Canberra residents will notice contractors conducting the improvements at various sites around the ACT over the coming months. For safety reasons the playspaces will be closed while the contractors do the work. The closures will be kept as short as possible, ranging from as little as a few hours up to a few days. Signs will be in place to inform people of the planned works at the various locations.

In 2015-16 we conducted similar upgrades to 52 playspaces across Canberra.

Photos of play spaces including Oaks Estate, John Knight District Park and Rivett Community Park

Major playspace upgrades

Major playspace upgrades are undertaken in playspaces where many elements need to be changed in order to meet current standards. These upgrades are undertaken using best practice contemporary design to ensure the renewed playspaces are safe, fun, modern and suit the age groups of the children they target as well as the local community needs.

Community input is a key contributing factor that determines the end result of a playspace renewal. Community consultation is routinely undertaken each time a full playspace upgrade is planned. Community feedback guides the design of each playspace and may be sought on a range of issues such as type of equipment, art work, design theme, etc. Each community is different and each playspace is individually designed to meet the needs of the community wherever possible.

Four playspaces will be upgraded in 2016-17 – Boswell Crescent in Florey, Howell Place in Gowrie, Jacobs Street in Evatt, and the giant swing and Tarzan Bridge at Yerrabi Pond District Park in Gungahlin.

Boswell Crescent, Florey

All of the existing playspace equipment, except the yellow ‘Martian’ dome will be removed. The existing carer seating and several small tree stumps will also be removed.

The new playspace equipment will include a double swing set, spinning platform, play unit for younger children that includes a slide, talk tubes and a refurbished ‘Martian’ dome.

The playspace will also receive two new bench seats for carers.

Jacobs Street, Evatt

All of the existing playspace equipment will be removed as well as the existing carer seating and decommissioned concrete drinking fountain. Several small trees in poor condition will also be removed.

The new playspace equipment will include a double swing set, spinning platform, play unit for younger children that includes a slide and a dual rider seesaw.

The playspace will also receive two new bench seats for carers and some additional play elements including a hopscotch displayed on the new concrete paved area.

Howell Place, Gowrie

Play equipment has been progressively removed from this playspace over several years due to safety concerns. Funding has now been provided to upgrade the playspace and return a vibrant play amenity to the park.

The upgrade will see the removal of the remaining coppers logs, damaged sections of the footpath, concrete edging, gravel and mulched surfaces. The decommissioned drinking fountain nearby will also be removed.

The new playspace will received a double swing, talk tubes, a small spinning net, a train for creative play and a climbing unit with two slides.

A seat for carers will also be installed under the future shade of a newly planted tree.

Yerrabi Pond District Park, Gungahlin

The existing Tarzan bridge and large swing at the Yerrabi Pond District Park will be upgraded to improve safety at this popular park.

The giant swing will receive new rubber softfall, a new seat and have its existing steps removed to ensure it is safe for play.

The Tarzan bridge will receive new softfall, new rails to the bridge and other modifications to ensure the bridge continues to be a fun and challenging play option in the park.

Giralang Community Park

Following feedback received from the Giralang community, the designs for the Giralang Community Park have been finalised. Shade sails over existing playspaces

Shade sails will be installed over 25 existing playspaces including the Civic skate park and Boundless playspace by June 2017. View a full list of the locations.

Natural play spaces

The ACT Government is conjunction with the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects is working with local communities to deliver three natural play spaces on Finn Street in O’Connor, at Telopea Park in Barton and Tuggeranong Town Park in Greenway.

Natural play spaces provide opportunities for creative play, using elements from the landscape such as sand, trees and rocks to encourage children to climb, jump, explore and have fun.

You can view the final design of each of the natural play spaces below:

Construction on the three new natural play spaces is expected to be completed in mid 2017.

For more information visit the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects website.

To find out more about nature play opportunities in the ACT visit the Nature Play CBR website.

*If you are unable to access the information in this document please contact Access Canberra on 13 22 81 to request an alternate version.

Previous play space upgrades

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