Play spaces

Opportunities for play

The ACT Government is committed to encouraging active lifestyles as part of the Healthy Weight Initiative. In helping communities lead healthy, active lives the government recognises the value of play in contributing to active lifestyles for children and their carers. In line with this commitment Canberra provides a great variety of fun play spaces that engage and challenge children in their play. These range in size from neighbourhood play spaces in local parks, to the larger play spaces common in district parks. Opportunities for play are abundant and can be found with the equipment itself, with the natural play elements and nearby landscape and in the open “kick about” space surrounding the formal equipment.

Play is an integral part of a child’s ability to learn about their world, learn how to take risks and prepare themselves for the future. Play can benefit a child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development and promotes a positive self concept, self esteem and autonomy.

Ensuring Canberra’s play spaces are contemporary, appealing and safe for play, encourages children to seek out places to play alone, with their siblings, with friends and with their carers. The range of play spaces in the ACT cater for children of all ages and various physical and mental abilities. Seating is provided for carers at all play spaces, whilst picnic and barbecue facilities and public toilets are more often located at Canberra's district parks. For more specific information about the location of play spaces, facilities available, or other questions, please contact Access Canberra on 13 22 81.

Play space upgrades

The ACT Government completes minor and major (whole of play space) upgrades to play spaces to ensure they comply with the current Australian Standards for safety and remain fit for play.

Find a play space

Browse play spaces around the ACT ranging from those located in district and town parks to rural areas such as the Murrumbidgee River Corridor.

Play space maintenance

The ACT Government completes regular inspections of all play spaces to ensure their ongoing safety. Any hazards that are identified at a particular location are fixed as soon as possible.

Report a problem

If you see a potential safety hazard at a play space please contact 13 22 81 or complete a feedback form.