Beth Dunne's epic Perth to Sydney bike ride

Right now Beth Dunne is racing a bike from Perth to Sydney.  Beth, who started as a seasonal fire officer with the Parks and Conservation Service, recently rode a similar race in the US called the 'Tour Divide' where she rode solo and completely unsupported with outside assistance strictly against the rules. As in the States, anything Beth needs during the Australian race she either has to carry or source along the route.

Beth started the race in Perth on Saturday morning and is now midway across the Nullabor Plain, a staggering 1685kms from the start line. Conditions have been terrible with heavy rain and headwinds making life difficult and number of racers have already retired, but the lead riders are still averaging over 450kms a day.

Beth is currently sitting in about 16th position out of a field of 70. Being the inaugural year of the first race of its type in Australia the event has attracted the who’s who of the endurance racing scene, so to say it’s a strong field is an understatement.

Each rider is carrying a satellite tracker so you can track riders progress - Here is a link to the event tracking website:

The race will be passing through Canberra (route goes straight past  Athlon Depot), so keep track of the dots on the tracking site and feel free to give Beth, and all the other racers, your support when they come through town.

Beth Dunne on the Bike