Mountain bike riding

Where can I ride?

National Park and Reserves

The national park and reserves in the ACT offer a variety of natural settings and opportunities for bicycle riders. These areas include:

  • Canberra Nature Park
  • Murrumbidgee River Corridor
  • Namadgi National Park
  • Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve
  • Googong Foreshores

Mountain bike riding is permitted on formed trails including fire trails and shared use trails. Shared use trails are located in many areas including Bruce Ridge Nature Reserve, Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve and the Murrumbidgee River Corridor.

Riding is not permitted on walking trails or in the Bimberi Wilderness Area in NNP.

Construction of trails or other riding infrastructure is strictly prohibited due to the environmental damage it causes. If you have an idea for a new trail please contact the relevant Parks and Conservation office.

Forest areas

Pine forests in the ACT contain some of Australia's best mountain bike trails. Popular areas include Majura Pines, Kowen East and Sparrow Hill. Stromlo Forest Park is a purpose built cycling facility that contains many kilometres of single track.

Many other activities occur in forest areas and sometimes areas may be locked off for safety or security reasons. It is important that you don't enter such areas as doing so may put you or others at risk.

Please observe the following:

  • Always enter an area through a formal entry point (open/unlocked gate, style etc)
  • Do not lift bikes over fences or locked gates
  • Please obey all safety or closure notices - they are there for your safety.

Enjoy your ride and be responsible

We want you to enjoy our trails. These short videos have some great tips (and some nice scenery too!) for mountain biking in our bush capital.

To make your ride more enjoyable and to minimise your impact, please observe the following:

  • Wear a helmet and ride under control. Out of control riders are a danger to themselves and other park users
  • Respect the rights of others. Other users such as walkers, joggers and horse riders have the same rights as you, so let them go about their activities without interference
  • If you meet walkers, announce your presence either by calling out or ringing a bell. This should be done well in advance. Slow right down as you pass, giving them right of way
  • If you meet horse riders, announce your presence by voice and slow down. Move to the side and allow them to pass. Some horses are easily frightened by bicycles. A frightened horse can be a danger to its rider and to you. Please take care to avoid conflicts and accidents.
  • Do not ride in large groups. Small groups are more manageable
  • Avoid skidding. Skidding can lead to erosion by removing the surface layer
  • Keep your bike clean. This will prevent the spread of weeds and plant diseases and help maintain your bike
  • Avoid riding in wet, muddy conditions. The tracks you leave behind channel rain water and lead to erosion. If puddles extend across the trail, ride through them rather than widening the trail by going around
  • Do not take short cuts or form new trails as you will disturb the native vegetation
  • Leave animals, plants and rocks where you find them; each has its own place in the delicate balance of nature
  • Please take all your rubbish home
  • Take some drinking water with you
  • Warm and waterproof clothing should be carried as high country weather can change unexpectedly any time of the year
  • In more remote areas notify the ranger of your intentions
  • If you meet other mountain bike riders who are not following this code politely explain to them that only by keeping to its guidelines can this ensure that mountain bike riding remains an accepted recreational pursuit in bushland and forest areas.

For more information

If you wish to ride in the national park, reserves or forest areas please contact the ACT Parks and Conservation Service. Rangers are available to provide assistance with planning your ride.

  • Canberra Nature Park - Tel: 02 6207 2087
  • Namadgi National Park - Tel: 02 6207 2900
  • Murrumbidgee River Corridor - Tel: 02 6207 2425
  • Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve - Tel: 02 6207 7921
  • Googong Foreshores - Tel: 02 6207 2779
  • ACT Forests - Tel: 02 6207 2486

Your local cycling organisations can also provide assistance.

Pedal Power

Website: Pedal Power

Postal Address: Griffin Centre, Canberra ACT 2601

Phone (BH): 02 6248 7995

Canberra Off Road Cyclists

Website: Canberra Off Road Cyclists