Summary of the Majura Pines Recreation Concept Master Plan

Parks and Conservation Services within the Territory and Municipal Services Directorate commissioned the Majura Pines Recreation Concept Master Plan in November 2013 in response to changes in the area due to construction of the Majura Parkway. 

The aim of the Master Plan was to determine community expectations for ongoing recreational use of Majura Pines, to plan for these uses and to consider the long-term management of the facilities. It is a high level document that broadly maps activities for a variety of users. 

Community consultation

Community consultation was used to determine the community's expectations for ongoing recreational use of Majura Pines, to plan for these uses and to consider the long-term management of the facilities. The consultation process included interviews, an online survey, written submissions and a community information session.

Level of community engagement achieved

Broad community engagement was achieved by utilising a mixed methods approach allowing for a wide variety of feedback. This approach resulted in:

  • 683 individuals completing an online survey via the ACT Government's Time to Talk website
  • over 70 people attending the community information session held at the Ainslie Football Club
  • 10 specifically targeted groups and individuals meeting with the consultants to discuss the future use of the site.

Consultation summary

The consultation identified that there is a significant level of community support for Majura Pines to return to a recreational venue. The redevelopment of mountain bike trails in the area was a high priority for the majority of those consulted with, but there is also demand for walking, running, equestrian and general recreational facilities. While participants identified the need for some ancillary facilities like car parks, informal rest areas and drinking water points, there appears to be little support for major facilities like toilets and barbecues.

The community supported the use of the pines for low key, local events and small state and national events.

Master Plan proposal

The Majura Pines Recreation Concept Master Plan proposal

The proposal is to formalise recreational activity within Majura Pines.

The proposal makes the following key assumptions:

  • Majura Pines will remain a working forest. Over time the forest will be progressively harvested and replanted
  • access to the pines will be through:
    • management tracks through Canberra Nature Park (Ainslie, Hackett and Watson)
    • a purpose-built community path along the Majura Parkway (Gungahlin and South Canberra)
    • the Majura Road (off the Majura Parkway)
  • there will be a variety of recreational users
  • the venue will:
    • be managed and maintained in a safe, sustainable and equitable way
    • cater to users from beginners to advanced
  • users will be the key to the successful management of the area.


Master plan vision: To return Majura Pines to a popular and well used informal recreational venue while maintaining it as a working forest.

Arising from the vision the following goals have been identified for Majura Pines:

Goal 1: To create a recreational reserve that provides unique, quality and memorable experiences for people to enjoy and appreciate, while remaining consistent with the management objectives set out by Territory and Municipal Services.

Goal 2: To provide an environment that allows for higher impact outdoor recreation and incorporates a sustainable, low maintenance trail network that is accessible, safe and provides amenity for the community.

Goal 3: To provide a recreational area that provides for a range of users while managing and minimising potential conflicts between users.

Goal 4:  To engage the community in the ongoing maintenance of the recreational facility.

The Master Plan recommends the following facilities be provided at Majura Pines:

  • a mountain bike trail network catering for a range of abilities including:
    • one-way downhill trails – mountain bikes only
    • two-way cross country loop trails – mountain bikes, runners and walkers
    • a dedicated dirt jump area
    • a skills development area.
  • an equestrian loop linking existing trails which allows equestrians to use Majura Pines and connect to the broader equestrian trail network
  • facility signage – directional, safety, information and compliance
  • low-key facilities to support recreational use including car parking, rest areas and  drinking water point.

It is recommended that volunteers, the Majura Pines Trail Alliance, develop and manage the Majura Pines trail network. This group would follow a works plan agreed to by the Parks and Conservation Service and work to manage the recreational assets of the forest.