Isaacs Ridge recreation area

Isaacs Ridge was established as an ACT Government commercial pine plantation forest in 1955. With its ease of access to local suburbs, the varying terrain and stunning views west to the Brindabella Range, it is a popular place for recreation for a range of users.

Upgrade project update (1 September 2016)

The upgrade and formalisation of the two downhill trail corridors at Isaacs Pines is now complete. These trails are technically challenging, graded as ‘very difficult’ and ‘extremely difficult’. A multi-user trail has been built mid slope, following the contour, for walkers, runners and bike riders. The Isaacs Pine Trails Group will work with ACT Government to manage and maintain the upgraded trails.

There is no intention to build any further mountain bike trails at Isaacs Pines either through the volunteer group or with a paid contractor. The ACT Government will monitor and review the trail network at Isaacs Pines. Any future recreational planning in Isaacs Pines will involve extensive consultation with the community.

Isaacs ridge map

Horse riding

Horse riding is permitted on formed vehicle roads in Isaacs Ridge and specific equestrian trails are marked for riders. Isaacs Ridge provides an important link for horse riders to the broader equestrian trail network.

Walking and running

Walkers, runners and orienteering users can utilise the formed vehicle roads, bi-directional multi-user tails or go cross country between the trees.

Dogs at Isaacs Pines

Dogs are allowed off-leash in the area of the pines. People with dogs must keep other users in mind and ensure their dogs remain under control at all times.

All dog droppings in public places must be removed by the dog keeper.

All dogs must be on-leash when in the adjacent nature reserves.

Mountain bike riding

Mountain bike riding is permitted on formed vehicle roads, bi-directional multi-use trails that run between the pines and the downhill mountain bike trails. The downhill mountain bike trails at Isaacs Ridge are advanced and require prior riding experience.

View the PCS code of conduct for mountain bike riding here

The Isaacs Pines trails group

The Isaacs Pines trail group is a volunteer group formed in 2016 to manage the ongoing maintenance of the trails at the Isaacs Pines in partnership with the ACT Government.

Isaacs Ridge Nature Reserve

Man on Mountain BikeIsaacs Pines shares its boundary atop the eastern ridgeline and to the north and south with the Isaacs Ridge Nature Reserve. The reserve is one of over 30 nature reserves throughout Canberra that are collectively known as Canberra Nature Park. These reserves are important for conservation of local wildlife and their habitats and for recreation and nature appreciation.

Find out more information about Canberra Nature Park.

Isaacs Ridge Trails Plan 2015 (rev)  was prepared by Anthony Burton & Associates on behalf of the ACT Government. 

Consultation Report Isaacs Ridge Mountain Bike Trail Upgrade Project, prepared by Canberra Town Planning on behalf of the ACT Government. 

Contact Access Canberra 13 22 81 to get involved with the Trail group or the Nature Reserve Park Care group.