Spring Rides photo competition (2019)

Smells like spring - photo by Merrin Boyer - depicting a bicycle leaning against tall rocks in the background and wildflowers in the foregroundThe winner for the Spring Rides competition has been announced.

See all the entries in the gallery below.

First prize

Merrin Boyer - "Smells like Spring"

Highly commended:

  • Rebecca Gee - "You never know who you may meet on the trails"
  • Jo Dynon - "Taking the kids out for an adventure"
  • Jeremy Kortenhorst - "Putting some spring into spring"
  • Richard Perry - "Dad and Son on Duffy's Descent at SFP"
  • Sarah Williams bloom - "Spring in bloom"
  • Mick Andrews - "Hill of Reflection"
  • Jonathan Hogg - "Murrumbidgee Meanderings"
  • Dorji Tschering - "Spring ride with a rainbow"
  • Garreth Paton - "Everyone looking forward to the fun flowing trails"
  • Andrew Buesnel - "Spring sunrise on Stromlo"
  • Annie Broadbent - "Mt Coree on a beautiful Canberra Day"
  • Ben Hogan
  • Denis Mungoven - "Afternoons at Stromlo"
  • Greg Burghardt - "Wide MTB land"
  • Kate Vandenberg - “Marvellous Mountain Creek Road”
  • Leena Cavenagh - “Fresh Morning on the Waterholes Fire trail”
  • Michelle Bray - “The Mountain Spoke”
  • Nicolas Duhaut - “Cycling and mateship at the top of Dairy Farm hill”
  • Calvin Avison - “Fixie on the lake”
  • Dani Glatz - “Birthday roll at Brice Ridge”