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  • Mountain bike ride in Namadgi National Park

    Mountain bike ride in Namadgi National Park

  • Top 5 Swimming Spots

    Top 5 Swimming Spots

  • Top 5 Bird Watching Spots

    Top 5 Bird Watching Spots

Mountain bike ride in Namadgi National Park

Start at Square Rock car park on the Corin Road and ride along Smoker’s Fire Trail to the Orroral Valley.

After approximately 2 hours (25 kilometers) you will reach the site of the old space tracking station, which is the perfect place to have lunch before returning via the same route. This is a ride for the fit and adventurous.

After you’ve finished, why not stop at Tidbinbilla Visitor Centre for a coffee and a snack. You’ll have earned it.

Top 5 Playgrounds

  1. Cotter Avenue. Cotter Avenue has a great playground set amongst shady trees and barbecue spots.  Best of all, once you’ve finished playing there, you can wander down to one of ‘nature’s playgrounds’, the Cotter River, and start playing all over again!
  2. Arboretum Pod Playground. Pod playground is a unique playground for children of all ages featuring giant acorn cubbies, nest swings and banksia pods. The playground is surrounded by spectacular views and is open 6 am to 8.30 pm during daylight savings, and 7 am to 5.30 pm during non-daylight savings.
  3. John Knight Memorial Park. The John Knight Memorial Park playground features a tree house, flying fox and the play sculpture. The popular Snake house has a large timber climbing unit featuring a wave board and nest spinner, a net for scrambling and a play structure with ramp for access. The play structure also includes other play prompts such as a shop counter with snake theme and voice tubes for children to speak to each other across the play area.
  4. Kambah District Park. Kambah District Park features an adventure playground designed for all ages with a treehouse, junior and senior flying foxes, tarzan swing, space net and wheelchair accessible liberty swing.
  5. Boundless Canberra. Boundless Canberra is an all abilities playground with something for all ages located on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin near the Carillion. The playground features water cannons, carousel, giant swing, and a large play structure with a series of linked terraces and ramps.

Top 5 Bird Watching Spots

  1. Jerrabomberra Wetlands Jerrabomberra Wetlands is home to an amazing variety of waterfowl species, wetlands specialists and seasonal migrants, as well as the occasional passing rarity.
  2. Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary A large variety of dry woodland species may be observed in the Sanctuary such as Robins, Thornbills and Honeyeaters, as well as a large range of Raptor species. Take a self-guided walk through the sign-posted Mulligans Flat Bird Walk which passes through different habitats featuring a range of birds.
  3. Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve A wide variety of woodland, wetland and wet forest species may be observed at Tidbinbilla, and it is a particularly good place to see the Lyrebird.
  4. Namadgi National Park Warks Road in Namadgi is a great place to observe wet forest species such as Rose Robin, Bassian Thrush and Pilotbird. This area is a great attraction to bird watchers who wish to view the amazing Lyrebird, Quail Thrush, Whip Birds and many more.
  5. Tharwa Sandwash Wander along the river and search for some of the 130 species of birds that are known to live or pass through this special spot.Or try to find the local family of Tawny Frogmouths camouflaged in the surrounding trees.

Top 5 Swimming Spots

  1. Uriarra Crossing (East) has beautiful swimming spots in the magnificent Murrumbidgee, and is both safe for kids and dog friendly. Uriarra is a great place to go for a hike or have a shady picnic with tables, shelter, toilets and barbecue facilities available.
  2. Casuarina Sands is a great place to have a swim and then enjoy a picnic. Barbecue facilities, shelter, drinking water, picnic tables and toilets are available. After a swim in the river take a stroll upstream to the historic pumping station.
  3. Kambah Pool is a popular swimming and fishing spot with picnic tables, toilets and walking trails. Take a swim and then enjoy a hike along the Murrumbidgee River to Casuarina Sands or Pine Island.
  4. Cotter Bend. Enjoy a picnic on the grass, read a book under a large shady tree or enjoy a swim along the meandering river. Cotter Bend has barbecue facilities, picnic tables, drinking water, toilets and is wheelchair accessible. After a refreshing swim you could go for a bushwalk or take a drive to Tidbinbilla to enjoy the range of food and drink at the new Cafe Tidbinbilla.
  5. Tharwa Sandwash. Located in a bend in the Murrumbidgee River, the area has a calm, sandy and open stretch of river which is suitable for swimming, kayaking and water play. There is also 128 species of birds which are known to inhabit this space of only two hectares. Upgraded in 2010, the area has new facilities and paths.

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