Bonner offset area

Bonner Grasslands

Where is Bonner?

Bonner 4 East offset area (21 hectares) extends the Mulligans Flat Nature Reserve. It is situated north of the suburb Bonner in the Gungahlin District.

Why is it an offset?

As part of the conditions of approval of the Ngunnawal Residential Estate the Bonner 4 East offset area was established to compenste for the impacts to the critically endangered White Box – Yellow Box - Blakely’s Red Gum Grassy Woodland and derived native grassland (Box-Gum Grassy Woodland) and the golden sun moth (Synemon plana)  habitat.

What’s so special about Bonner offset?


The offset area adjoins to Mulligans Flat Nature Reserve. Combined with other woodlands within northern ACT and adjacent NSW, the offset area forms part of the largest, best connected and most diverse patches of box gum woodland remaining in south-eastern Australia. The area is also part of the Molonglo River to Barton Highway Woodland corridor, which has been nominated for provisional registration on the ACT Heritage List for its natural heritage values.

Natural values significant under the EPBC Act:

Golden Sun MothThreatened fauna includes:

Threatened flora includes:


The long term management aim for the offset area is to protect and manage the golden sun moth habitat and the box gum grassy woodland community.

Bonner offset management plan

Annual report

2016 Golden Sun Moth Population and Habitat Monitoring

What can I do in this reserve?

The Mulligans Flat Nature Reserve is used for walking, running and cycling. Bird watching is also very popular. Ranger guided activities are organised within the Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary.

A walking trail with track markers has been established around the perimeter of the offset area. This track links with an urban park within the adjacent Bonner residential area and ends at a car park accessible from the Mulligans Flat Road.

This track has been placed to improve access into the Mulligans Flat Nature Reserve for the local residents, while avoiding any direct impact on the golden sun moth habitat within the offset area.

Dogs and horses are not permitted within the Mulligans Flat Nature Reserve, including the offset area.

Who do I contact to ask questions about this offset?

Call Access Canberra on 13 22 81.